The Love of God Sustains Me

Good Morning Children of God:

We were created from Love and for Love, that is what we really are, LOVE is the only emotion that Remains REAL.  Embracing the Divine is definitely life altering and by making it your focus everyday you create an automatic shift in everything that occurs in your life. There are so many ways to pull yourself out of darkness, Light always trumps Darkness, So Look For It. Love always trumps Fear, So Look For It. The choice is yours, isn’t that what you want? That’s what we All want, LOVE!  The only thing blocking you from Love is your ego, past trauma and unforgiveness for others and especially your self. So, my suggestion to you is not to settle for less, ask for Divine guidance, seek help from a Healer and offer yourself the gift of Love. It is your Right and you are Worthy. Be willing, patient, accepting and GRATEFUL everyday. This energy, vibration, is definitely Divine and contagious.

The Love in ME Salutes the Love in You, Diana


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