The Universe Always Backs Me Up

Good Afternoon Star Beings:

Back in February, I was listening to Esther Hicks/Abraham and they were talking about a challenge of just 30 days of focusing on the Law of Attraction. It consisted of simply focusing on yourself, no television, no drama, listening to peaceful music and being really mindful of what your encaging in. I took the challenge and I even purchased “A Law of Attraction Planner” on Amazon. So every day I journaled my desires, wrote my affirmations, kept track of my thoughts, my energy level, what I was learning, how I Loved Myself, how I Loved and Gave to Others and last but not least what I was Grateful For. This 30 day journey to creating my life was quite pivotal because it’s May and I’m still practicing and Loving it.

This Full Moon is All about Manifesting, Soulful Manifestations:

Divine Blessings to you All, Diana


One thought on “The Universe Always Backs Me Up

  1. Today I had an amazing Reiki session with Diana. Not only is she and amazing human being she truly is special in many ways. You leave feeling a state of bless after she is finished working on you. I felt all my chakras open and spin. Thank you so much and blessings to you for all the fabulous light work you do.
    Psychicjoseph πŸ˜‡


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