I Am Safe when I Invoke the ArchAngels

Hello Beloveds:

I’d like to share my acknowledgement of the ArchAngels. First and foremost their energy is very much alive in this time and space. Why, Because we are in dire need of Angelic assistance to assimilate the energetic shifts occurring in our world. In case you were wondering We, You and Me are the World! Through the practice of Reiki I have learned much about them and how to invoke their gentle, loving energy into my daily life, I will NOT leave home without them! I hear and see their messages and I certainly feel their magnificent energy.  They have saved me from what would have been a tragic car accident. They assisted me in Manifesting an Amazing family get together. They communicate through finding coins or feathers.  My connection guided me to use the ArchAngel Tarot and other Angel cards for my readings which my clients are never disappointed.

The ArchAngels are available to us All.  How: Find a quiet time and space, Breathe, Welcome them and Allow them to join you then ask for assistance, They work in Divine Timing so after you ask Let Go! Remember, Let Go!!!!

If you wish to know more you can go to: Melanie Beckler or Belinda Womack

Divine, Blessings, Diana


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