Self Love Leads to True Love

Hello Divine Ones:

Yesterday was Valentines Day which lend me to this: Self Love!                               Most of us don’t even have a clue to the significance of this beautiful emotion. We have been trained to focus our attention on others, that we should always consider others before ourselves.  As a mother, wife, business entrepreneur, everyone else came before me. WRONG!!!  At the end of my day I was exhausted, unsatisfied and angry.

My transformation consisted of me showing up for myself.  So, ever so gently I started considering how I was feeling and giving myself  permission to either accept or change my thought pattern which ultimately affected my emotional aspect and vibration. This took me a while to accept because I needed to learn this modality and relinquish the old ways which were past on to me by my parents and their parents. My ego fought me along the way but I finally conquered it with the help of my Angelic Team, which I am very grateful for.  Now, I have learned to Love myself  in a humble, gracious manner and from this space of Love I am able to be of service to others.

Be kind and gentle with yourself and certainly include yourself in the process. Check in with yourself as to how your feeling in the moment, what are you thinking, encaging in, what story are you telling yourself.  Is it serving your well-being and most of all, are you Happy?

Namaste,  Diana


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