I Am Grateful for the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and Angels

Good Morning Divine Ones,

I’ve had an amazing January and start of the New Year.  It was a very busy month but I stayed strong in Spirit and very diligent of my practice.  I learned from Abraham, channeled by Ester Hicks, that we are responsible for everything that manifest in our lives.   Continue reading “I Am Grateful for the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and Angels”


I Am Aware

Hello Beautiful Beings,

I’d like to start with a few questions: Are You Happy?  Are You Content?  Are You Joyous?  Are You Aware of where You are at this very moment while your reading this?   Have You truly, honestly checked into Yourself?  Actually, I have more then a few questions but you know what they are, so please go ahead and keep asking.

Well, I’ll tell you what I do know.   Mercury’s retrograde is intentional and the purpose of this, is an opportunity for us to dig deep and ask ourselves these questions in order to Release and LET GO of whatever doesn’t serve us.  This process isn’t easy but it serves us well,  so do take the time.  You Deserve It!!!!!  It is a new year and we certainly don’t need anything weighing us down.  Though I AM in Spirit every day, life happens so I listen to Angel Clearings from Melanie Beckler, Christie Marie Sheldon’s Masterclass through Mind Valley on Unblock Your Abundance, Deepak Chopra’s Sacred Momentum.  I am participating in Life but maintaining myself in balance in Spirit which keeps me Happy, Content, Joyous and all that the Divine intended for me to have.  I wasn’t Aware but I Am Now and so grateful for it.  A Course In Miracles says that, the universe holds everything God intended for us to have in Escrow, so my last question to you is, What Are You Waiting For?

Much Love & Blessings, Diana

So grateful for this little fella for he lightens my heart even more.



The Truth of Your Being is Love

Hello Divine Ones,

Every year Jennifer McLean of Healing With the Masters has Predictions Week Workshop where her guest speakers share their insights for the year.  For 2016,  Intuitive and Numerologist Dr. Robert Pease said that “this is the year of miracles”.  This year is of expansion and healing as well as a time for the Light Workers.  We are ALL being called yet few answer and if you are in this vibration, this is your time to shine.  Continue reading “The Truth of Your Being is Love”

I Am A Miracle Worker

Happy Divine New Year Everyone

So it begins with Mercury going retro tomorrow and Astrologer Nadiya Shah gives us heads up on what to expect and how to prepare ourselves. As far as I’m concerned I would rather have an idea so I can make adjustments and act accordingly. For a hot headed Aries which I was but not forgotten, I consider myself for-warned.  I do suggest that you take the time because it will be worth your effort.

Blessings to All of Divine Peace & Love, Diana

Always in Gratitude, Always in Love

Happy New Year Blessed Ones

2015 was absolutely the most pivotal year for me, why? Because I discovered who I really am and all the marvelous facets that pertain to that discovery. I learned how truly Divine I am and how truly Divine you All are. That my Father has given me an amazing gift that was always available to me but I needed to Desire it, work it and show up for it. Continue reading “Always in Gratitude, Always in Love”

I Choose The Divine

Good Evening Children of God

I have been feeling in my gut that something awesome is coming our way.  I have been sharing that this is the time to choose the Divine.  A Course In Miracles says that the smallest invite to the Holy Spirit is all you need to do and it response.  In this video from Marianne Williamson she confirms and ask that we join together in Love for All our sakes and the sake of the world. Continue reading “I Choose The Divine”

I Will Honor the Christ in You

Merry Christmas Divine Ones,

The intention of Christmas is to celebrate our Christ and how do we do that on a Spiritual level by honoring our brothers and sisters by being compassionate, forgiving and loving.  This year it’s very important that we make an effort because the Universe is sharing her love and compassion.

Blessings & Much Love to you All,  Diana

Continue reading “I Will Honor the Christ in You”