Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!!

The Universe is working overtime to fulfill our desires.  Are you willing to do your share and be Amazed. I am truly grateful for Astrologer Nadiya Shah and her gracious gift.  I am super excited for this planetary assistance and I am accepting the energy with open arms and a Big Fat YES.  Thank you Heavenly Father for loving me so.



I Choose To Laugh

Oh Glory Day!!.

When was the last time you had a hardy laugh, you know where you are gasping for air, the tears are rolling, you’re a little loud and even snorting.  I had one of those last night with a dear friend and one earlier this week with my husband.  I love when I can fully let go and let it rip.  So may I recommend that you be open to it, looking for it and expecting it.  A good laugh definitely raises your vibration and puts you in a happy place.  You can always pull it up from your memory and use it to your advantage.  The Universe wants you to let go and have a hardy one.

Blessings For Hardy Laughter, Diana

I Will Honor Myself And Others

The Dove Of Peace Is With You!!!

The other day two people I know made me aware that there was a situation happening between them and I recalled my experiences of when I acted and responded in the same manner.  The intentions were good but it wasn’t going according to plan and the gentleman was in a place he was trying to avoid.  He knew from the get go that this was not what he wanted to deal with but decided to go against his instinctional warnings to please others.  Well, that back fired and he lashed out to an innocent victim, his partner. Three things came up; ONE listen to your instincts, that is where Source lives and it will never fail you. Two, it’s ok to say NO.  Three, every time you lash out at someone, especially someone you love very much, you dishonor them and yourself.  This kind of action rips at the fibers of your beings simultaneously and creates a wall between you.  Hence breaking down the relationship. His EGO, stepped in, took the raines and hung him out to dry and he wasn’t even aware of it until someone else pointed it out.  We need to  take the time to acknowledge how we are feeling and from that space make a conscious decision, we are setting our selves up for major disappointment otherwise.

My recommendation, Stop, Breath, Ask for Divine Help, Let Go and The Universe Will Respond.

Blessings To You!!!  Diana

The Universe Is On My Side

Blessed Sunday To You!!

According to Astrologer, Nadiya Shah there is a fabulous week before us and I invite you to listen in and tap in, so you can deliberately turn yourselves on. I am, because I do know that God is on my side and getting a heads up of how he’s configuring the planetary energy in my favor is ultimately to my advantage. How many times has there been an experience in your life and you’ve said, I wish I had a clue. Well, this is a clue, Now, what are you waiting for?

InJoy, Keep The Faith, Diana

Everyday In Every Way, I Am Better And Better

Cheers To All !!

The day before yesterday I went for a walk around the property which I love doing. I looked at everything before me, above me and around me, I searched the air for scents and smells, I touched the trees with the intention to tap into their magnificent energy. Then I looked up toward the sky and said a big YES with a Big Smile to the Universe. Later on the Universe responded with this! Was I amazed, Big YES, Big Smile.

Hallelujah!!! Diana

IMG_0524        IMG_0522

I Am Awesome!!!!

Good Afternoon You Awesome Vibrational Beings!!

I have been working on my focus, which creates energy and ultimately projects my vibration.  So I like to start my week by following the planetary energy because that’s a major contributing factor for all of us. It gives me a heads up as to what’s in my favor and not so much but mostly where I could tap in to enhance my vibration and have a fabulous life. There are some really cool shifts happening this week, please take a moment and listen.

I Remain In Gratitude, Diana

Abundance Is My Birthright

Happy Friday, You Lovely Beings Of Light!

What do you consider to be abundant? For Me, my family, my well-being and theirs, my animals, our home.  Oh so much to be grateful for!!  God, The Universe, what ever you want to call that Divine Source, only knows abundance. So lets talk about what most people think about, Money. First, get rid of the old paradigms passed on to you about it, such as money doesn’t grow on trees, you know how that goes. The Divine does recognize money as a tool for sustenance and when we don’t fully understand the purpose or honor it, just like all the other things we are blessed with, our lives go astray.

I’ve had money and then I’ve had less, C’est La Vie!  So, NOW I focus on Only Today, the precious Now. In other words, do I have everything I need for today and then Gratitude. I don’t focus on tomorrow because I’m not there yet and knowing that the Divine only functions in THE NOW, I choose to remain there as well. In that space of Now I show up as the richest person on the planet because I know that is how God created me. From that space and focus a delicious energy is created into a vibration of abundance. I can’t even describe how this makes me feel, OMG!!!!!!

Did you know that there is an Escrow account held in the Universe with all your desires with your name on it. A Course In Miracles states this and Abraham Hicks confirms. You ARE created in His image, to co-create, so what are you waiting for? Be mindful of where you place your head. Choose wisely and focus on only what you desire.

Let me know how this works for you? I am on a passionate mission!!

Namaste, Diana

I Am A Vibrational Being !!!

Cheers All !!!

I am so excited about my new learning experience of manifesting my own reality and I highly suggest you try it as well. It’s so easy, fun and so rewarding.  All you need to do is pull up You Tube and search for Esther Hicks or Abraham Hicks and choose what you’d like to listen to. Then follow the guidance. Please let me know how this works out for you.

I’d also like to share Kari Samuels, June’s Forecast.

Blessings of Love & Light, Diana

Through Grace, By Grace And For Grace

Lovely Day!!!!

Whenever insomnia occurs for whatever reason the next day I find it difficult to function, obviously. So I begin by being aware of my energy status and start my morning in the usual way. After I invite the Holy Spirit and My Divine Angels, I proceed to make myself a protein smoothie which include Fresh Mangos from My Trees while listening to High Vibration Music on You Tube. This gives me the jump start I need for my mind, body and soul.

Have A Blessed Day, Diana