What A Difference A Day Makes

Hello You Beautiful Creatures!!!

I just got back from visiting Chicago, rekindling and reconnecting with a few of my Soul Sisters.  We hadn’t seen each other in years.  The whole trip was basically day by day, moment by moment and it was divine.  I did ask and it was certainly given.  We shared stories, laughs, food and drink.  We shared old memories and made a new one.  The only thing I did was make the effort and the rest fell into place.  This has now become a delicious memory which I am sure I will replay over and over again.  I am grateful for this opportunity and grateful for my Soul Sisters.

Thank You For The Memories, Until We Meet Again.  Love & Blessings Diana



The Better I Feel The Better I Allow

We Are So Blessed!

There’s a New Moon tomorrow and the Universe is giving us an opportunity to create a new beginning for ourselves.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, what do you want? What are you willing to do to acquire it? Will you show up for yourself?  Tania Gabrielle, Weath Astro-Numerologist, assist us to understand how the planets and there energies are showing up for us All.

In Gratitude,  Diana

I Am Safe As I Remain In Faith

Happy Monday!!

It’s definitely going to be an amazing week and I will be honest when I heard Astrologer Nadiya Shah’s interpretation for this week I started to get a little rattled.  Perhaps it has to do with the magnitude of what I heard and even the energy but I was guided to breath and relax, after all it is about this time and space.  As always, it’s always better to have an idea of what the forces are planning so I do recommend that you take the time and listen.  I find this helps me use my energy wisely.

Sharing With Love!!  Diana

I Will Trust The Divine

Hello Amazing Ones

I follow Jennifer McLean from Healing With The Masters and in January she had Astrologer Elizabeth Jones  as a quest and at that time she gave us an astrological overview for the first six months.  In the beginning of July she had her on again and I am happy to share with you a quick synopsis of her overview for the next six months.  I belief that we are all experiencing transformational changes of deep levels and I for one am ready for my rainbow and I am sure that you are too.

Elizabeth graced us with: Saturn will be moving in Sagittarius on September 17th till 2017.  The concept, Simplicity, Honesty, Release, Forgiveness, Embrace and Karma.  This planetary movement will make it easier to be honest with ourselves.  It will assist us in realizing what is essential therefore spending less time on menial stuff.  What inspires us will be infront and all around us.  We are to look and reach for what inspires and gives us a sense of peace.  We can count on truth and the obvious in making our choices.  Things will be clear, things will be flexible.

Universal Blessings To All,   Diana


I Am Everything, Everyone, Everywhere

We Are Infinite Power and Infinite Light!!

Whenever I am not feeling the Power, the Light it’s because my focus has shifted in the wrong direction.  By now, I have gotten very good at feeling the imbalance within myself and it shows up as tired, grumpiness, quietly nick picky at everything, analyzing and judging.  That’s when I say Hell No!!!  I take a walk in Nature or I plug myself in to a higher vibration (Ask Angels.com) and get the immediate support I need and I’m gracefully placed into the Light.  The Angels are always ready, willing and certainly able to assist me when I arrive, all I need to do is show up.

People,  life is happening to us and all around us but we do have a choose, remember this and don’t forfeit your power.  Don’t let the intruder in, be conscious of all your choices and you will be Free.  Isn’t that what we All want?

Embrace Your Power,  Diana

Thank You Melanie Beckler for sharing your gift with us and God Bless!!!

http:/Archangel Metatron- Awaken & Shine – Ask-Angels.com www.ask-angels.com/free-angel-messages/archangel-metatron-awaken/

I Am Grateful For My Brothers And Sisters

Blessed Are We That Are Free!!

I would like to extend my personal gratitude for My Brothers courage in showing up for me and my family, they are not physically here but their spirits will never leave us because the family loves them so.  For my Husband and the rest of my Brothers and Sisters around the world, Thank You!  I know that the Grace of the Divine is Always With You.

Our Almighty Father intended and created us Free and it is up to us to Embrace this Intention and See It Through.  See it through we will in acknowledging that the way to peace is not through war but through choosing peaceful intentions and proceeding with peaceful action.

God Bless The World,  Diana

I Will Embrace The Deliciousness Of It All

Happy Full Moon !!

I remember when I worked in admitting in a hospital in Chicago and holy heck all kinds of crazy things would occur during the full moon.  Today, that will be happening and it’s also the beginning of July, so I do suggest you take the time to prepare. As always I recommend you listen to Astrologer Nadiya Shah.

Know That You Are So Loved,  Diana


I Will Bless The World

Happy Friday and Cheers!!

We are created in Gods image and because we are, we certainly can Bless others, the World!  This is very powerful and as you know whatever we extend out comes back to us.  Find a moment and space where you feel the peace within and from that Divine space send Blessings to your loved ones, friends, even those who test you, The World.  Be Generous with your Blessings for they are coming back your way.

God Bless You, Diana