I Am Grateful, Thank You!!


Before I begin, my deepest condolences to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s family and my gratitude to the Almighty for sharing such a Divine soul with me.

I follow the astrologers especially Nadiyah Shah because I know that God is trying to get our attention through the planets.  This information is to our advantage and we could certainly utilize that energy.  I am very excited about the month of September and I certainly want you to prepare to expect the Divine assistance.

Blessings of Love & Light, Diana


I Choose Wisely Because the Savior is With Me

The Light in me Acknowledges the Light in you,

I have been working really hard on staying in the Vortex or in Spirit because life is happening 24/7 but that’s not the real task and when I am here hanging out with my Lord and Savior, I am so content.  My breath comes easy and I show up more and I have noticed that people are sharing in that energy space.  How?  Strangers smile at me and they look me right in the eyes, we are sharing hellos and being more aware of each other.  This warms my heart, truly for it affirms the practice.

In “A Course In Miracles”, Jesus says, I cannot unite your will with God’s for you, but I can erase all misperceptions from your mind if you will bring it under my guidance.  Only your misperceptions stand in your way.  Without them your choice is certain.  Sane perception induces sane choosing. I cannot choose for you, but I can help you make your own right choice.  “Many are called but few are chosen” should be, “All are called but few choose to listen.” Therefore, they do not choose right.  The “chosen ones” are merely those who chose right sooner.”

In the past I did choose poorly and Now, I choose wisely because I am aware of Him and me.

In Gratitude for Him and You,  Diana

I am so Grateful for All the Angels

The Divine in Me Salutes the Divine in You!

In this post I would like to share a Divine experience with you and I’ve had many through out my life.  My two nieces and their dads were visiting for a few days and my two boys and a girlfriend decided to go roller skating.  My nieces and my youngest son were under age and of course had a curfew of midnight.  The evening was winding down and I went to take a shower, as I got under the water I clearly heard “The kids, accident” I froze and at that premise moment my brother in-law is knocking heavily on the bedroom door and screaming to my husband the kids have been in an accident.  I proceeded to dress and bolt out.  When I arrived at the scene the children were on the side-walk and my eldest of course was very apologetic and told me he was trying to make curfew. The ambulance was not even there yet and I asked, “how did you guys get out of the totaled car” and he said, “some guy pulled us out”.  I looked around to thank him and asked “where is he and what does he look like”,  my son looked as well and said, “I don’t see him and I don’t even know what he looks like”.  Later on we asked the kids about this person and not one of them could tell us anything about him.  Our unanimous conclusion was that it was an Angel.  Angels are sent by God to assist us in our life’s purpose and I highly recommend that we utilize them.  I am so grateful for that Angel and all the Angels!!!

Much Love & Blessings,  Diana


The Universe will Respond to my Request

Hello Everyone,

For a while I’ve been going back and forth with the desire to get myself back to the gym, being seriously mindful of what I ate and showing up lovingly for myself.  I have always enjoyed working out because my body and mind respond immediately and I truly enjoy it.  It took some work but I had enough of the excuses.   So, I signed up went a couple of times and fell a sleep at the wheel for a couple of weeks, part of the problem was that I didn’t have a buddy to do this with.  I get my tail in gear and the first day back the Universe presents me with a new friend which I met in the gym, it was her first day there.  In just the first couple of days while getting to know each other we realize that our meeting was not a coincidence because of our common interest.  I am so grateful and very excited for my new friend.

Blessings Always To All !!!


I am Willing to see the Light in all Situations

Hello Everyone,

I am sure you have heard the story of Cecil the lion and his unfortunate demise.  Also, I am sure that the person who chose to commit this act didn’t think that his outcome would play out the way it did.  We are all accountable for every intention and act and this incident is a clear example of cause and effect.

I would like to share with you this wonderful foundation and thank God for Eduardo for showing up for these magnificent creatures.  There is always an opportunity to assist us in adjusting our perspective.

Blessings to all,  Diana

I Claim and Accept the Vibrational Energy

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today there’s a fantastic new moon and the energy is fabulous.  I am expecting Divine assistance and I have come across a very effective tool to assist me during my morning meditation in tapping in to this magnificent energy.  Wonderful things are happening and I lovingly share this link featuring Binaural Beats for meditation.  Remember to take at least 2 deep complete breaths in order to signal the brain to relax and obtain the full effects.

Enjoy & Blessings,  Diana

I Believe and Accept the Divine

Good Morning,

I have been working really hard on paying attention as to where and what my mind is focusing on and if I am feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable I immediately know that, that is not where I should be.  I choose a loving thought, affirmation or memory to assist me make the shift in energy and just like a physical switch I am right where I want to be.

I pay close attention to how the Divine utilizes the Universe to empower us and this week Astrologer Nadiya Shah shares her interpretation of that power with us.  I believe that we are all seeking and knocking but ultimately it is up to us to make the choice, the Universe will always respond accordingly.

You Are So Loved And Blessed,  Diana

My Open Heart Will Always Recognize Love

Happy Monday Blessed Ones,

All the astrologers talked about the planet Venus and the impact it would have on our lives.  Well, I like to share how Love showed up for our family this weekend.  For my mom and my siblings they went off to what they thought would be a wedding and it turned out to be a small family reunion.   The details of who’s who is a tad complicated but I like to keep things simple so I’ll spare you.  There were 4 generations reunited at this wedding and the love shared and exchanged was at a total vibrational high and it still is.

For me and my intimate family we went to our first grandson’s baby shower.  We hadn’t seen the family members and dear friends in a bit but the opportunity was welcomed and displayed through the big hugs and kisses.  I LOVE IT!!  We make plans and hope for the best but we are unaware of how Divine interaction and intervention is set in motion for our benefit.  For this I can lovingly say we are All grateful for over and over again.

Thank You Father For Loving Us All !!!

I Remain In Love, Diana

Even On A Cloudy Day The Sun Is Shinning

Good Afternoon Ninos Y Ninas,

A year ago today, one of my best friends left the physical world at the age of 31. Thunder was a gift from the Divine which I had asked Heavenly Father for after accepting a mission which I wasn’t sure I could comply with.  Thunder, a 13.5 hands Paso Fino was an amazing horse and everyone else called him a pony, not me because he saved me from falling down a raven, he was the first in the ocean water, first to lead up a mountain and the first to lead out in the snow.  Thunder was stolen from me for three years and I never gave up hope and sure enough he was returned to me via a human angel.

As the years passed I knew the inevitable would be happening and when his health started failing I would immediately perform healing.  Just so you know horses don’t last this long, usually it’s 14 years to 21 years, human time.  One morning, my heart was quite heavy as I crossed the yard to the barn and I asked my Father to please be merciful for both our sakes.  So, when the call game through I was traveling home from Utah in a crowed airport.  I arrived home and my boy had been put to sleep and taken away.  I am so grateful for such a friend and so grateful that I didn’t see him on his last days because I will always remember him Perfect.  When I step into the barn, I smell him and he visits me in my dreams. Thunder was treasured and so Loved, Thank You Father!!

Much Love & Blessings to All!!!