Thank you God for the Beauty in Being

Happy Friday You Awesome Beings

Inspired by: Lena Stevens of The Power Path & School of Shamanism

October 16-22: The focus during this time period is on beauty and inspiration. Do you have enough beauty in your life? Do you feel beauty? Can you “be” beauty? Is there enough music, art, feminine, and visual inspiration? Bring these things into your life and practice both “doing” and “being” with the element of beauty. This will raise your vibration, which is important at this time.

The energy is up and down and there may a tendency for emotional mood swings. Working with beauty and inspiration is very helpful when you don’t know what else to do. Make sure you stay out of your mental worries and obsessions as they will only make things worse.

Sharing with Love & Light,  Diana


The Savior Loves Us

Hello My Brothers & Sisters

In a time when life seems to be demanding, challenging, instead of moments of opportunity and entertainment the EGO tries to manipulate me.  I go to what I know to be true and on point for me.  I go to My Lord and Savior because I can always count on him to have my back.  If there is anything that I have learned, it’s that.  So Grateful!

It’s a new week and a new day, hallelujah.  Lots of opportunities and according to Astrologer Nadiya Shah, the Divine has Jupiter and Pluto dancing together.  This means surprises, gifts.  To acknowledge these opportunities and receive these gifts we need to be in balance with Spirit and in Worthy mode.  YES, I am ready, my heart is open and I am focused on all the Love in my life.

Divine Blessings to you All,  Diana

I Am Included in the Divine

Good Morning Divine Beings

Much is happening on my end and the energy that I have been sharing with you from all the Ones I follow is definitely here.  My family and I are moving from a beautiful home that we have been Blessed to live in for 11 years.  So, I am packing, cleaning while studying for 2 certifications, incorporating time to see my beautiful grandson, Plus….  I am Blessed to have a lot of energy and the desire and ability to multi-task.  I listen to empowering messages from Marianne Williamson, Abraham Hicks during the day so that I remain in balance.  But, at 3 o’clock in the morning that monkey mind (ego) tries to tell me when, where, how, can’t, shouldn’t, you know what I am talking about.  I immediately listen to a very effective meditation from Melanie Beckler channeling Arch Angel Uriel with a message of Unlimited Love, which I am very grateful to her and the Angel for.  I fall back to a peaceful sleep and in the morning I am rested, energized, empowered and protected.   I know that the Divine has encompassed me and that I was created to feel Divine, this to say the least has been an amazing experience.

I lovingly share the message with you:

In Gratitude for the Ones, for God and For You,  Diana

Thank You Sweet Universe for Being in Control

The Divine in Me Honors The Divine in You,

There is A Full Moon Eclipse in Aries and I am ready because it is about me, I am an Aries.  This Universal Energy is bringing about huge personal change for all of us.  As for myself I have been waiting for this Divine moment.  I have learned so much this year and the pivotal moments that have occurred have definitely proven that in Astrologer Nadiya Shah’s words “the universe is wise and loving”.  This of course as you know, requires your undivided attention as to where your head is hanging out.  It is about you and it is about me with a little S (A Course in Miracles, unselfish).

My desire is to share this information with you so that you may be prepared for and welcome this Divine Energy  which knows our True Hearts Desires.  My gratitude to Nadiya Shah for she is definitely a welcomed guidance for my journey.

God Bless You All,  Diana

I Am So Loved

Hello Divine Ones and Welcome,

I experienced one of the most amazing and Divine experiences ever.  The birthing of my first grandson.  I didn’t witness my own because I had C-Sections with both my boys.  When I was asked to partake, I thought that I was going to be on the sidelines but that was not the case.  I witnessed and assisted in the delivery, I was in the forefront and I was able to call and bring in Divine energy through out the delivery process.  The energy was high and the love was definitely vibrating on a super high level.  The waiting room was packed with love ones, family and friends sharing their energies with each other.

Baby Boy Jameson arrived perfect and is so loved.  All I think about is this beautiful angelic baby.

I am so grateful to my loving children and to God for such an honor.

Blessing to All,  Diana


Grateful for Amazing Grace

Happy Sunday Everyone,

The other day I watched a documentary on Pope Francis and I was very moved by his Spirit and his actions.  As a child I was raced Catholic and taught Spirituality by my grandmother.  Spirituality has always resonated with me and some of what I was being taught in church did not.   This did not compromise my relationship with God.  Our Pope Francis is different than his predecessors, he believes in the people and his actions display that.  He chooses to live out of the Vatican in a humble community and selects and pays for his own breakfast.  When asked his thoughts in regard to gay marriages he said, “who am I to judge”.  He washed and kissed a slave’s feet.  I don’t know anyone including myself who has kissed a strangers feet, do you?  This beautiful soul comes with a gift and a Divine Purpose, I believe that he could accomplish much but he needs our prayers and our light.  I thank God for Pope Francis because now we have a true warrior for God that we can all follow.

Much Blessings & Love,  Diana

Prayer: Dear God, I am Willing to See This Differently

Hello Sunshine,

I received this from Marianne Williamson and as always it’s loaded with insightful information.  I do make it a practice to listen to inspiring people like her because they assist me in staying my course and in turn I assist others to do likewise.  In this recording she talks about relationships and the ego. In A Course in Miracles it states that each relationship is intended and holds an opportunity for our spiritual growth.

Sharing With Love & Blessings,  Diana

I do Have the Desire and the Willingness

Good Evening Dear Ones,

The holy instants the result of your determination to be holy. It is the answer. The desire and the willingness to let it come precede its coming. You prepare your mind for it only to the extent of recognizing that you want it above all else.

I who am host to God am worthy of Him.

He Who established His dwelling place in me created it as He would have it be.

It is not needful that I make it ready for Him, but only that I do not interfere with his plan to restore to me my own awareness of my readiness, which is eternal.

I need add nothing to His plan,

But to receive it, I must be willing not to substitute my own in place of it.

From: A Course in Miracles

Blessings To All, Diana

I Seek, I Knock and My Savior Answers

Happy Sunday Dear Ones,

Prior to and during my trip to New York, I became aware of some disturbing news occurring in our world and around the world.  I normally don’t listen to the news because of all the negative information and I rather catch a piece here and there.  This time it was just in front of me and I even put in my two cents worth.  For days this hung heavily at my heart and my mind.  I even caught myself talking about some of the stuff until I realized, “what the hell are you doing here”.  I started talking to God and asking for comfort for my brothers, sisters and children.  There is no other power but the power of prayer and I do Believe.  Now, I humbly ask you to take a few minutes and pray for all those who are in a situation that they don’t need to be in.  Send Blessings to All and know that those Blessings are coming back to you. From the deepest part of my heart, I Thank You.

Blessings to you All, Diana

Thank You Father for Hearing our Hearts Desires

Greetings My Brothers and Sisters,

My family and myself had a deep desire to have another opportunity to share our love, our energy and of course our spirit with each other. Every time we had a conversation we all expressed the same desire and this went on for a few years. Well, this past week we got our wish. My third cousin Eve got married and provided us with this magnificent opportunity. The vibration was at its peak with love, laughter, embraces and so much joy. Some of the family couldn’t make it but I am sure that they were there in Spirit. God thank you for joining Eve’s heart to Dave’s, for this heart-felt opportunity and for all the ones to come. To my family and all the new members to our family, welcome and God Bless.

Sharing With Love, Diana

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